Liverpool Pallet Designs - Solid wood gifts, laser engraving and crafted reclaimed wooden items

Who are 
Liverpool Pallet Designs?

Liverpool Pallet Designs designs and creates laser cut and solid wood custom-made products.
From hand made commisions and custom made chunky rustic handmade furniture to delicate laser cut bespoke Wedding products.
Our personalised services give customers the experience they deserve  from a bespoke business, with all of our products designed and made to order with attention to detail as standard in my wood and laser workshops.​

Situated in the Clubmoor area of Liverpool, Merseyside and run by Gordon Dinn, Liverpool Pallet Designs started as a small entrepreneurial business venture to help clean up the local area and network with local business owners of pallets before putting the reclaimed timber to good use.

In 2015 Mud kitchens were the first items made alongside benches, planters and even pallet Christmas trees and following lots of local and national interest in outdoor messy play furniture, Mud kitchens, cookers and workbenches were delivered across the UK and donated to local schools and community groups to make whopping great mud pies!

Business grew further with an expanded free local wood collection service and the introduction of laser engravings and custom designs being cut at a local creative studio in Liverpool City centre.

In 2016 following a successful grant from the Big Local trust, Liverpool Pallet Designs was off and running with its very own laser cutter and began to expand rapidly with new product lines in bespoke Wedding and event accessories, custom cut lettering and laser cut crafts. 

Gordon also works closely with community groups, support services and other establishments to provide consultancy services, bespoke designs and much more.

If you would like to get in touch to know more about current projects, discuss consultancy or have a collaborative initiative you would like to discuss, please do feel free to get in touch using the contact links on the home page.